Coffee Maker | How To Maintain It Properly Over The Years

If you have a coffee maker that you enjoy using in the morning each day, you probably want it to hold up for as long as possible. It can if you just get in the habit of caring for it in a couple of strategic ways. 

Don't Forget to Clean the Inside of the Machine

The exterior of a coffee maker often receives a lot of attention in terms of maintenance because it's easy to see when this part gets dirty. That being said, the interior can get just as dirty and if this happens consistently, your coffee maker can malfunction. 

You thus want to remember to clean the interior compartments of your coffee maker every chance you get. As long as you use strong cleaning solutions that can break up coffee stains and other residues, you'll be able to keep this machine working great long-term.

Consider Using Bottled Water Consistently

Coffee makers require water to run and make fresh cups of coffee each morning. However, you may want to stick to strictly bottled water for this important appliance. That's because tap water can contain contaminants that ultimately break down your coffee maker's components over time.

Whereas if you just stick to bottled water that has been purified, you can ensure the internal mechanisms are able to work great for a long time. Most importantly, you can avoid lime buildup around internal components that may be hard for you to reach.

Opt for a Coffee Maker with Many Removable Parts

When it comes to coffee maker maintenance, you want to get a machine that has a lot of parts that can be removed. Then you'll find it much easier to clean these components when they do get dirty.

You can easily reach all of their surfaces and even throw these parts in a dishwasher if this is OK based on how the parts are constructed. Fortunately, a lot of coffee makers have this type of design. You'll just want to confirm a removable design for important components, such as the storage tray, filter, and water reservoir. 

If you have a coffee maker that you love using day in and day out, do everything you can to take care of it with the proper maintenance steps. The hard work you put into this maintenance will leave you with fewer repairs and part replacements to deal with, which can help you save money.