Magnetic Lifters: Everything You Should Know

Magnetic lifting tools provide a safe way to lift heavy objects in factories and warehouses. Most magnetic lifters are safe and easy to operate and help increase work efficiency. Here is everything you should know about magnetic lifters.

How Do Magnetic Lifting Tools Work?

Normally, magnetic lifters create a magnetic pull regulated by a manual control mechanism. These lifters consist of two magnets, positioned in the rotor and body. Both magnets face the same direction when the magnetic lifting tool is powered on to create a magnetic flux that lifts the desired object. Once the load is in place, turning off the magnetic lifter adjusts the direction of the magnets freeing your load.

What Factors Should You Consider When Operating a Magnetic Lifter?

Apart from the weight of your load, there are other factors you should consider to determine whether your magnetic lifter is favorable in a given task. The three factors you should consider include:

  •  Load thickness
  •  Load surface conditions
  •  Load length and width. 

What Are the Advantages of Using Magnetic Lifters?

Magnetic lifting tools provide various benefits, like enhanced productivity. Production facilities use magnetic lifters to lift and shift loads within the facility effortlessly. Additionally, magnetic lifters protect employees from injuries. Manually lifting and handling heavy objects exposes employees to risks of injury as accidents are frequent. Magnetic lifters also work on flat surfaces and do not need a hook.

What Factors Should You Consider When Buying Magnetic Lifting Tools?

Although all magnet lifters are designed to lift heavy loads, they do not have the same features. To make the right selection, you should consider several factors, including:

  • Material. Magnetic lifters made of steel are strong and durable.
  • The control mechanism. Magnetic lifting tools have different types of control mechanisms. Choose a magnetic lifter with a simple control mechanism, such as a push button to turn the magnetic field on and off.
  • Lift weight rating. This is the maximum weight a magnetic lifter can hold. Select a magnetic lifter with an appropriate weight rating, depending on your applications.
  • Operation temperature. Check the optimum temperature at which a magnetic lifter operates. The temperature rating feature shows that the lifting magnet operates best below the given temperature. 

Above is everything you should know about magnetic lifting tools. Magnetic lifters create a magnetic field that attracts ferrous materials for lifting and transportation to the desired location. As a result, they enhance productivity in manufacturing and warehousing facilities. When purchasing a magnetic lifter, consider the control mechanism, weight rating, and the material of the magnetic lifter.