Need A Concrete Patio Or Walkway? Starting The Project Is Easier Than You Think With Ready Mix Concrete

It used to seem like you had to be a trade professional to do all projects around the outside of your home that required decking or concrete, but now there are many projects that you can do on your own. If you are considering adding a concrete walkway or patio on the exterior of your home, this is something that you could do with some tools without having to pay the high costs of a contractor.

You want to first determine where you want the concrete to go, and the dimensions of the areas that need concrete poured. Get these items from the local supply store, and use these options to get the concrete surfaces you desire.

Ready Mix Concrete and Mixer

These items are easily purchased at any type of home improvement or concrete supply store. The ready mix concrete should only need water added to it when it's time to mix and pour. You can get a tool that attaches to a common drill to mix the powdered substance when you are ready. These can both be purchased at a very affordable price.

Concrete Mold or Skin

 You can get a mold to shape the concrete depending on what type of design you want. If you are just doing rectangle or square portions, these will easy to measure and line up in the areas where you want the walkway or patio. There are curved choices or molds that look like stepping stones or bricks as well.

The skin will be a material that goes on top of the concrete that can give the surface some texture. If you aren't trying to do something this advanced or complicated, just get a trowel that you can use to smooth out the surface after you pour the concrete.

Netting and Stone

If you are worried about the concrete shifting over time, you may want to put some stone netting and stone down before you pour. This will help to keep the ground in place. Pack the ground firmly before putting these things into the area where you have removed the topsoil to start your project.

There are many tutorials that can help throughout this process if you are still unsure of how you are going to attempt the project on your own. If you are looking to add concrete to your property and you don't want to pay the high costs of a contractor, look into these options instead.