Benefits Of Renting A Blowout Preventer For Your Next Oilfield Job

Next time that your business is working in an oilfield, it's smart to work with an oilfield equipment rental company to rent a blowout preventer. Oilfield equipment rental companies offer a lot of different types of rental equipment, and most of these companies do have blowout preventers available to be rented for oilfield jobs. A few reasons why your company should think about using one of these rentals have been listed here.

Help Prevent Loss of Oil 

Oil is an important and valuable resource. Without a blowout preventer, you have to worry about oil leaking out of the well and being wasted. This can result in money being lost for your company. With a blowout preventer, you can help make sure that no oil is wasted.

Prevent Environmental Problems

Leaking oil isn't just expensive; it's also bad for the environment. It can even cause your company to face fines and other problems for violating environmental rules. Using the right blowout preventer can help you prevent leaking oil and can, therefore, help your company work in an environmentally responsible way.

Use the Right Blowout Preventer for the Job

Even though you might agree that using a blowout preventer is a good idea when you're working in an oilfield, you might be wondering if your company would be better off buying one and using it at all of your oilfield job sites rather than renting one. Just remember that every oilfield site is different. Well sizes can vary, and the amount of oil that could leak out can vary a lot from site to site, too. Since job sites vary so much from place to place, you would probably have to have a few different types of blowout preventers on hand if you wanted to be prepared for every possible job site. If you choose to rent a blowout preventer each time that you take on a job, you can rent the one that is ideal for the oilfield site where you will be working.

Avoid Transporting Additional Equipment

The oil and gas industry can cause you to work in a lot of different places. Your company might perform work in multiple different states, for example. Renting equipment from a local oilfield equipment rental company instead of hauling your own blowout preventers and other equipment from one job site to another can be expensive and time-consuming. Renting equipment locally helps save time and may even help save money for your company.