Advertise And Store Materials In/On Your Truck’s New Service Body

A rugged aluminum truck body that includes advertising for your construction company and plenty of racks or storage space for materials will promote your business name to the public and guarantee that you and your employees are prepared for each work assignment that comes your way.

Purchase A New Or Used Body

If you are pretty much planning on creating your own unique work vehicle, simply by swapping out parts that make up your current vehicle, you need to decide if you would like to purchase a new or used truck service body.

Of course, a new service body will be ideal because you will be able to customize the body so that it is fully functional for your construction company's needs, but if you are just getting started in business for yourself and funds aren't as plentiful as you desire, purchasing a used aluminum body may be a better option.

Just because a truck body is used does not mean that the aluminum is going to be severely tarnished or scratched. If you locate a body that is in decent shape and there are only a couple dings on its exterior, cleaning, painting, and priming the truck's body will make a postive impact. 

Add Your Company's Details And A Catchphrase

After having the truck body secured to the vehicle's frames, you may be anxious about using the service vehicle right away. Vinyl decals are a form of advertising that won't permanently alter your vehicle's body.

When choosing the layout of each decal, remember that the colors that you select should stand out so that the decals can be read from far away. A cartoon or picture of a construction worker can be added to some of the decals so that people will instantly be aware of what your business is representative of when they first see your vehicle.

Come up with a catchphrase for your business that encompasses your work ethic or the types of projects that you and your crew are qualified to complete. Add the catchphrase to each decal. Secure the decals to the truck's body after cleaning and drying the aluminum surface.

Hang And Store Your Equipment

If you purchased a truck body that contains a ladder rack and compartments, decide where you would like to store your standard materials and tools. Use a chain lock to secure ladders or other heavy materials that are hanging from the truck's body. Place small tools and equipment inside of the body's compartments and use a padlock to safeguard all of the materials.