Lost, Damaged, Or Out-Of-Date Machine Parts: How To Replace Them

When you do not have a big budget to replace major machinery in your factory, you often opt to replace the parts that are not working so well. While that is typically an acceptable solution, it does not always work. Sometimes the machines you have are so old that it is outdated, and the parts are hard to find. Sometimes the parts you bought are misplaced, and there is no time to find and order more. Here are some solutions that can help.

Custom Machine Parts

Machines that are in reasonable working order are worth the repair investment. Ergo, when you cannot find parts because the machines are out-of-date, you can have a custom machine parts company make new parts to fit your old machine. Then you can keep your old machines running and avoid the expense of having to replace them with absolutely brand-new ones.

Additionally, when you need parts to do something other than what they would normally do, or you need custom parts to make a machine fit the space in which it is installed, the company making the parts can help. A mechanical engineer can design the new parts based on your measurements and the description of what you need the parts to do. Test parts are shipped to you to see if they will fit and function before the final product is made.

Replacing Lost Parts

It happens to everyone at some point. You order replacement parts and then you either lose them after they arrive or the parts are lost in shipping. Trying to get them replaced in time to keep the factory going can be quite the hassle. Consult with factories that are shutting down or have recently shut down to see if they are selling machines or selling machines for scrap. That is the quickest and easiest way to get parts until you can find the lost ones.

Damaged Parts

Sometimes a welder or a metal smith can help with damaged parts. If you have a welder on your employee roster, ask him or her to take a look at the damaged parts. As long as the parts are metal, your welder can rework the metal and try to repair them. Just be careful that the welder's work does not void any warranty on parts or void the warranty on the machine as a whole. You may need to supply your welder with some raw materials if there are none present to fix the parts in question.

If you have questions, contact companies like C & C Machine Works for more assistance.