Common Problems That Can Put Your Air Compressor On The Shelf

Air compressors are used in a variety of situations from gas stations to major manufacturing companies. This power tool creates and moves pressurized air. It powers nail guns, staplers, impact wrenches, drills, spray guns, and sanders.

An advantage of using an air compressor is that each tool does not need its own motor. The air compressor also has a single motor that changes electrical energy into kinetic energy. This piece of machinery is very durable but can suffer breakdowns from time to time. Read on to find out about common problems that can put your air compressor on the shelf.

Not Starting With A Full Tank Of Air

Your compressor should start after filling the tank with air. If it is not restarting, then there is probably something wrong with the check valve. You will have to check the accuracy of this suggestion. To test the check valve, you have to remove the air from your tank and shut off the power. The air is removed to get the pressure switch to attempt to restart your motor to fill your tank with air. If the compressor still does not come on, then you will need to replace the check valve.

Find Out Why Air Is Escaping

When air escapes your tank, this is an indication that your tank has significant air pressure. You can check for air pressure by pulling the ring on your safety valve. Escaping air means you have to replace the air tank pressure gauge.

Narrow Down the Reasons For Air Leaks

Your air compressor could be leaking air for a number of reasons. Worn pump parts and seals are some of the common reasons for this problem. If these parts are not compressing the air, then your pump has to be rebuilt with new seals and parts.

It also helps to check your air tube fittings on a regular basis. Air tubes carry air from your pump to the tank. If the fittings are loose, then air can escape. You want to make sure the air tube fittings are tight. If your air tubes are leaking, then you will need to replace them.

Industrial companies need their tools in good working condition. They are dependent on their tools to complete jobs and make an impression on their customers. For the repairs listed, you are going to need replacement parts. You can get the replacement parts from an industrial store. For more information, contact a service that carries atlas Copco parts