FAQ About An Industrial Air Compressor

Did you recently replace your industrial air compressor and want to make sure that it remains in good shape for a long time? You must understand that there are many things involved with how well an air compressor is able to function. For instance, you must make sure your warehouse is not too hot, as the heat can lead to the air compressor overheating and possibly catching on fire. How the compressor is stored will also play a role in how long it lasts before repairs are needed. Below, you will find the answers to some of the questions that you might have about an industrial air compressor.

How Should an Air Compressor Be Stored?

When storing your air compressor, it is important to protect it from dust. You must understand that a warehouse can accumulate large amounts of dust in a speedy amount of time. The dust can get inside of the compressor and cause problems. You might want to invest in a cover for the compressor that can be placed over it when it is stored away. Even if the compressor is used on a daily basis, it is wise to keep it cover when not in use.

Why Would an Air Compressor Stop Working?

There are many things that can cause an air compressor to stop working. If the compressor is in good shape, it might stop working if a circuit breaker trips, but turning the breaker back on should fix such a minor problem. If the motor is in bad shape, it can lead to the compressor not working as well. A bad motor can easily be replaced, but a technician might be able to make a repair without having to replace it. Bad wiring in the power cord can lead to the compressor not coming on, and a prompt repair is necessary.

What Causes a Reduction in Discharge Pressure?

If you ever notice that the discharge pressure is lower than usual, you should examine the intake filter to your air compressor. Air might have a difficult time flowing through the filter if there is a lot of dirt on it. Keeping the filter clean can help you avoid having problems with the discharge pressure getting low. However, keep in mind that cleaning might not be good enough after a lot of time passes by, and the filter will have to be replaced. Keep extra filters store in your warehouse so they will be handy when needed.

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