Setting Up A New Loading Dock? 2 Types Of Equipment You Will Need

If you are setting up a loading dock for your company there are different types of equipment you will need to make things easier and safer for your employees and drivers when loading and unloading the trucks. Below is some information about two types of equipment to help you get started.

Dock Leveler

If you ever have heavy products that you have to load or unload onto a truck this can be difficult and take a lot of time. To make things easier you should purchase a dock leveler. There are different types of dock levelers you can choose from including:

Hydraulic Dock Leveler

A hydraulic dock leveler is easy and quick to use as you only have to press a button to start it. This is a good choice if you have a busy dock and these dock levelers are durable so they hold up well when using for heavy equipment.

When you press the button the leveler raises and the lip extends. When you release the bottom, the platform lowers to the trailer floor. When the product is loaded or unloaded, the operator presses the button again to return the hydraulic leveler to its starting position. These levelers are not only easier to use but reduces the chance of injury to your employees.

Mechanical Dock Leveler

A mechanical dock lever operates by pulling a chain. This type of leveler is much less expensive when compared to hydraulic levelers.

When the chain is pulled a spring lifts the leveler from the platform. The operator has to then get on the platform and lower the leveler onto the trailer bed. This increases the chance of injury with your employees, such as straining their back or arm muscles, but this leveler will get the job done for you.

Dock Seals

With dock seals, foam pads are placed on all sides of the dock door. This allows the trailer to compress into the opening when it backs in and rests against the foam pads to create a tight seal around all sides of the trailer.

Because the dock seal creates a tight seal around the trailer there are no gaps, which means no insects or other debris can get inside your warehouse or cause any type of contamination.

Talk with a company that sells dock equipment, like American Material Handling, Inc., to learn much more about these, as well as other things you will have to purchase.