3 Long-Term Benefits Of Using OEM Spare Parts

It doesn't matter if you're operating a forklift, drilling rig or some other complex industrial system, in the event of a mechanical issue, you know that you can often choose between a OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, spare part or a third-party option for your replacement needs. If you want the most long-term benefits out of this update, make sure you aren't overlooking OEM spare parts.

Increased Resale Value

Using OEM spare parts for any repairs or updates can help strengthen the resale value of your equipment in the future. Whether you decide to update your equipment or simply don't need it anymore, the ability to resale and with the greatest profit, will be common goals.

OEM parts offer the quality and value of a newly manufactured unit, which are both qualities that people are often willing to pay more for. The more valuable the equipment, the more money you can make, which can be critical to protecting your profits.

Warranty Protection

It doesn't matter how well manufactured a piece of equipment is, failure and malfunction are always a possibility. Whether it's a human error or some other flaw, your machinery can fail at any time. Having OEM parts in place offers the benefits of a warranty protection.

With some third-party aftermarket options, you aren't covered under warranty so in the event of a malfunction, you are left to cover the cost of repair or replacement on your own. However, since many OEM parts are backed with a warranty, you may not be responsible for these additional costs in the event of an issue.

Greater Durability

When it comes to repairs, you always want to get the most bang for your buck. When compared to third-party aftermarket spare parts, OEM rated parts sometimes come with a greater investment. However, this extra cost isn't without reason. Replacing a failed system with an OEM part affords you increased durability.

Durability that won't just keep the part you replaced working longer, but that can also help extend the overall lifespan of the equipment you're operating. Durability also isn't just important in terms of keeping your operating costs lower, but it is also helpful in ensuring that you are able to remain productive and meet your goals.

When it comes to your repair and replacement needs, make sure you are looking at both the short and long-term. Updating with OEM spare parts can offer you benefits that you can experience today, as well as tomorrow.